Who will rule over Eldrador?

The battle has begun.

There’s only one thing that counts in Eldrador - the super weapon!

Feuerlöwe und Frostmonster – wer gewinnt?

The monsters of Eldrador are locked in an implacable conflict: their battle for the superweapon has reignited. There’s a burning smell in the air in Eldrador. That can only mean one thing: trouble. The frost monster has made his way into the lava world. What battle awaits the worlds of lava, ice, water and stone?


The four worlds of Eldrador

1:0 to the lava world

Der Lava-Drache ist heiß auf einen Kampf.

The lava creatures have the superweapon. So that they can hold on to its power, they plan to incinerate the other worlds with infernally hot lava.

The ice world

Der Schneewolf greift im richtigen Moment eiskalt an.

The inhabitants of Eldrador’s ice world want to take power into their icy grip. Help the ice monster, snow wolf and ice dragon make their enemies freeze with terror.

The stone world

Wenn sich das Steinmonster bewegt, wackelt Eldrador.

Hard as stone: the stone skeleton, cave bear and stone monster are lining up against their foes. They want the superweapon – and you can help them!

The water world

Der Monsterkrake ist ein echter Superkämpfer!

In the water world, the monster kraken, monster fish and sea monster are getting ready for battle. Dive beneath the waves and fight by their side!


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